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Mirashare - Health and Safety Software

The Mirashare modules have been praised for their accessibility, intuitive user interface and great benefit to businesses. These applications provide a superlative application base for any organisation needing

Included with all our Health and Safety Suite applications is a fast search engine and charting and reporting components, allowing summary views of the data captured together with detailed data mining.

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Online learning with Elmstone's Learnbubble

Learnbubble offers a flexible way of providing training and assessments for business owners, HR departments and training departments looking to deliver high quality, affordable training with a full audit trail within their organisation.

It also provides an affordable solution for training organisations, associations and institutions needing to deliver courses that can quickly be changed to suit a client and able to offer a choice of personalised training support from none at all to full involvement. The full assessment marking and verification facilities mean it is equally suitable for training colleges running distance learning courses.