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Mirashare EHS

Consultancy and Project management

Understand what your business really needs

Our business consultants will work with you to understand your business and to document current and anticipated requirements. They will encourage you to stand back and take a holistic view of the business to identify areas where improvements could be made. The resulting report will give you a basis for deciding what next.

Find the best solution for your situation

Now we know what you need we'll investigate the best way to provide it. This may involve a Vendor selection process, where we will assess the various solutions against the requirements document. If there is nothing suitable our technical team will assess the requirements for a potential new application development. A technical consultant will provide input throughout this process as required.

Manage the implementation

We can oversee the software implementation phase from both a business and technical perspective to ensure that your chosen solution is correctly implemented with supporting changes to business processes and training put in place.

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